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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
105mm 5 In 1 REFLECTOR BOARD 50D.004.4005 520 .000 This convenient and complete Jinbei reflector panel is so simple to set up, and is a must-have for every portrait, fashion or professional photographer

110 DOUBLE-FACE REFLECTOR BOAR 50D.008.1102 250 .000 This handy and complete reflector Jinbei can be assembled in no-time.

120 WIDE ANGLE REFLECTOR 50D.002.6506 175 .000 Wide Angle reflector for Jinbei M and MSN flash heads.

30 DIA DIFFUSER BALL 50D.460.0801 800 .000 Diffusers balls provide one of the most natural and even lighting in portraiture.

35mm UMBRELLA REFLECTOR 50D.002.6502 200 .000 FeaturesThe highlighted part is a dot with strong shining effect

4 PANTOGRAPHS 50D.002.6105 4.480 .000 Get your lights off the floor and into the air with the complete studio rail system kit and spend less time moing lights and more time producing fine art. The system has a wide range of applications within the bridal photography, portrait, advertising and

40 White Umbrella 50D.001.3101 300 .000 A highly portable, versatile lighting solution designed to soften, broaden and enhance the quality of flash lighting with minimal effort.

45 LONG FOCUS REFLECTOR 50D.004.0017 650 .000 The highlight part is a round,strong shining.

50 DIA DIFFUSER BALL 50D.002.6550 2.500 .000 With specification of 50cm, ball softbox is a transparent ivory-white sphere and fits for high power light soft and with a strong sense of hierarchy, which reflects by the centre to the edge, from the high spot to the weak light gradient.

60X130 PROF PHOTOGRAPHIC 50D.001.3360 1.800 .000 The Jinbei Shooting Table is a very solid shooting table for professional use

65mm FOCUS REFLECTOR 50D.002.6505 390 .000 The Jinbei 65 Degrees Focus Reflector has a beam angle of 65 degrees. The illuminated part becomes round, with a prominent and deep shadow.

80 DOUBLE-FACE REFLECTOR BOARD 50D.008.8002 185 .000 Jinbei double face reflector board is made from professional high quality material with well-proportioned reflect light and steady coating.

800W HALOGEN LIGFHT LAMP 50D.860.0029 150 .000 This is a studio continuous red head light halogen bulb. The power is 800w.

AU 150CM BLACK/SILVER UMBRELLA 50D.871.6003 800 .000 60 inches 150 cm in diameter, great for professional large advertising Portrait / Product Photography use

AU 150CM BLACK/WHITE UMBRELLA 50D.871.6007 800 .000 Durable Fiberglass Ribs White Diffusion Material

AU 150CM TRANSPARENT UMBRELLA 50D.871.6004 600 .000 Durable Fiberglass Ribs White Diffusion Material

AU 180CM BLACK/SILVER UMBRELLA 50D.871.6005 1.006 .000 Jinbei 180cm Black/Silver Umbrella is made of high quality nylon frame, it is durable and has light weight.

BACKGROUND REFLECTOR 50D.460.0013 650 .000 The Jinbei Background Reflector creates an oval natural light on any background.

Bag Pack Lighting Equipment 50D.001.1101 450 .000 MILLENNIA studio flash. Adopt international certified specialty circuit design.

BATT PACK ONLY FOR RL-330 50D.004.4018 550 .000  

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Results 1 - 20 of 120