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Sun Sniper feed

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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
Sun Sniper "THE DPH" Double Plus Harness Steel & Bear DPH 1.600 .000 The SUN-SNIPER SYSTEM with „SHOCK ABSORBER“, „CUTTER-CRASHER“ and „GENUINE BEARING“ is the sensation for D-SLR-PROS: It is the fastest and most comfortable SNIPER-STRAP in the world. A MUST-HAVE for all D-SLR photographers, whether you are PRO or SEMI-PR

Sun Sniper "THE PRO" Steel & Bear Steel & Bear 800 .000 In addition to the “STEEL” safety feature the „PRO“ - STEEL & BEAR - ads a friction eliminating genuine STAINLESS STEEL BEARING for better spinning and less swinging. This new camera/strap connector development also shortens the physical distance between

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