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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
Creative Large Format vol.1 Creative Large Format vol.1 365 .000  

Creative Large Format vol.3 Creative Large Format vol.3 365 .000  

Creative Large Format vol.5 Creative Large Format vol.5 365 .000  

Developing Style in Creative Photography Developing Style in Creative Photography 150 .000 Specification: - A book designed for young aspiring photographers in the new entry level market. - Handy design 20x20 cm Features more than 30 professional photographers in the field of: -Portrait -Wedding -Glamour & Fashion -Food -Architecture

Filter Hand Book English "BW Filter" Filter Hand Book English "BW Filter" 206 .000 The complete guide for B+W filter products available in the market today. From UV-/Skylight-and Protection filter to Special Effect Filters. From Natural Density Filter to Polarizing Filter. And Also in this handbook we can see general overview of all fil

Illussion 2 Illussion 2 125 .000  

Illussion 3 Illussion 3 125 .000  

Illussion 4 Illussion 4 125 .000  

Illussion 5 Illussion 5 125 .000  

Kembang Setaman Soft Cover by Darwis Triadi Kembang Setaman Soft Cover by Darwis Triadi 150 .000  

Mata Indonesia MI 500 .000 "Mata Indonesia" Buku foto pertama yang diterbitkan salah satu klub fotografi tertua di Indonesia "Candra Naya Photographic Society" menampilkan karya-karya 52 fotografer anggota klub ini yang terbagi dalam tema Beauty, Nature, Sparkle dan Life.

Outdoor Photography With Broncolor Mobilite Outdoor Photography With Broncolor Mobilite 95 .000 OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY WITH BRONCOLOR MOBILITE Buku ini dipersembahkan oleh PRIMAIMAGING sebagai wujud dedikasi terhadap dunia fotografi Indonesia yang melaju demikian pesatnya. Menampilkan hasil karya fotografi dari sederetan professional photograph

Professional Lighting Technique Professional Lighting Technique 450 .000  

The Next Big Thing The Next Big Thing 175 .000 Features specification : -This book is a collaboration of talent and vision of two young artists between professional photographer and make – up stylist, -Poster size, to expose beautiful details and colors. Features in the field of : -Beauty -Glam

The Treasure of Indonesia The Treasure of Indonesia 80 .000  

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